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new Art Deco double interior doors new Art Deco front door

One of my favourite Art Deco door designs of all time. It's a clever designer's trick to add a wow Deco feature, such as these doors, to take you eye away from an interior or exterior that is not that Deco. For eg, you could have these double doors in a plain kitchen, but the doors will set the whole tone for the room. The red front door is just to die for, almost an abstract painting. These doors could be produced for interior or exterior use, making a stunning impact wherever used.

Doors such as these are expensive to produce; the half portholes are not produced by manufacturers, so they have to be made as a special and are expensive to make. Plus the chrome trim, and the 2 colour lacquered finish all add to the cost. With something like this if you have to ask the price you probably can't afford it - they are something you have to have to complete a stunning scheme. Made to order.

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new Art Deco double interior doors New Art Deco front door

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