Art Deco - Jean Dunand sideboard

New Jean Dunand Art Deco 2 door sideboard cabinet with painted abstract landscape designs

Shown above is a beautiful 2 door Deco sideboard, inspired by a famous cabinet by Jean Dunand from 1921. Dunand produced some of the most striking high quality Deco work in France. The original was a joint venture between Dunand & Jean Goulden, & features an abstract landscape design around the carcase. Even though polychrome painted the cabinet looks very crisp & graphic. This would make a stunning focus piece in any room. Another mimalist way to treat this piece is to have it wall hung, as shown below.

The sideboard is shown with a black top, to match the original piece. The whole piece stands on slim black legs. The interior is fitted with a shelf. Fitted with discreet black door knobs. As made to order we don't give sizes until we've agreed a spec with a customer. This piece could be used as a sideboard, drinks cabinet, media storage, music center, etc..

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New Jean Dunand Art Deco wall hung 2 door sideboard cabinet with painted abstract landscape designs

Any of the above designs can be adapted to work as a cupboard, bar, sideboard, drinks cabinet, media unit, etc etc. We can also change the sizes and finishes to whatever you want.

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