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New Art Deco lacquered painted & silver leafed Cubist splayed table base supports desk

Unmistakably Deco style but new designs capturing the heyday of Deco looks. These striking Deco desks feature Cubist base supports, the splayed shapes combine with the skyscraper style flash designs. The design above would be very visually striking with it's stepped black flashes on a sliver leafed ground (which would be clear laquered to prevent future tarnishing). We've shown another couple of design variations below. One is designed with marquetry veneered bases for a classy natural look, which we can do in a range of woods. The bottom one is not for the faint hearted in gloss red & black.

The desk top offers plenty of work space, and depending on the depth you want this made to, it could even be used for sitters on both sides. We could also add shallow height drawers under the worktop if you want. The dimensions of such pieces, as they are made bespoke, can be changed to your preferred sizes. We've just shown a few finish options but we can essentially do any finish you want. The worktop can be made with several materials, from wood to painted/lacquered, granite, marble, quartz, corian, glass, etc. The size of the top can also be changed as required. This would be shipped flat and would require minimal home assembly. We don't disclose dimensions, further details or prices until we've agreed a spec. with a customer.

Alternate design options;
New Art Deco marquetry veneered Cubist splayed table base supports desk
New Art Deco red & black lacquered painted Cubist splayed table base supports desk

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