Donald Deskey; Design thoughts

Deskey was a superb and prolific Art Deco designer. He is synonymous with tasteful Deco furniture, having designed so many ranges during his life. The following 2 photos are typical of Deskey's work, mixing curves with straight lines, lacquers & wood veneers. There is little point reproducing much of this style of his work, as originals are still plentiful (especially in the US), and can be bought probably cheaper than you could make them today.

Donald Deskey Art Deco sideboard Donald Deskey Art Deco chests of drawers furniture

We chose to focus on another aspect of Deskey's work, which is probably less well known. He set up his own design practice after the Paris 1925 exhibition. Like many designers and creative people they often experiment with new ideas earlier in their careers, producing more diverse designs until they establish a design style they become known for. In the late 1920's Deskey produced some very striking geometric Cubist designs, for all sorts of things from boxes to screens, lamps, wastebins, etc. Some are shown in this old photograph below. The ideas captured in these designs were very interesting, and I think appealing to a wider audience today. When applied to larger pieces they are showstoppers in an interior, especially if you want a focal point in a room. It is this aspect of his design style that I find interesting and worth developing further in our new work.

New Donald Deskey painted Art Deco Cubist painted bed head board furniture

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