Art Deco Lamp

New Art Deco Cubist Geometric marquetry veneer table lamp light

This Deco lamp is based on a typical Deco pattern, brought to 3D. The lamp is a mixture of solid wood and marquetry veneer, and makes a great decorative shape. These lamps are all made to order. We don't supply lamp shades to go with the lamp, as this is personal taste & most customers prefer to choose their own. Supplied with a 2M cable (but no plug, as these vary by country). Cable colours are available in white, black & gold, etc; let us know what you would prefer. The lampholder has an integral on/off switch. Please specify if you want the lampholder to hold bayonet or screw type bulbs and what finish you want the lampholder in. The shade sits on the lampholder & is held secure with a screw thread. Made to order, allow approx 6 - 8 weeks to make. We don't disclose sizes or price until we've agreed a spec with a customer.

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