Paul Frankl; wardrobes (2)

new Art Deco bedroom 'Skyscraper' style 2 door bedroom wardrobe furniture new Art Deco bedroom 'Skyscraper' style 4 door bedroom wardrobe furniture

Yet another new Deco wardrobe design we've added. It is a very striking design, the stepped Skyscraper outlines were inspired by Paul Frankl's 'Skyscraper' furniture designs. Shown above are 2 different ways to treat the doors. The double robe on the left has 2 matching single doors, while the robe on the right spreads the design over 2 doors, which looks better I think. You could mix & match these doors over a 4+ door wide wardrobe; ie 2 doubles as shown above right, or a double in the middle with single doors either side.

As these are made to order you can choose a painted or wood finish. Shown on this page are some colour examples of the painted robes. Or you can have a wood veneered finish robe, as shown above right. We added a simple stepped cornice to the robes, which you can omit if preferred, which further empasises the stepped Skyscraper look. The internal fit out can be whatever you want.

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