Bespoke furniture handles

new Art Deco pair of carved furniture handles in Walnut new Art Deco pair of marquetry furniture handles

When I first saw a similar pair of handles on a very average Deco sideboard I instantly thought they were special. Whilst making a pair of them it was obvious they could be treated in different ways for more choice in the furniture they could be used with. They would look great on nearly any piece of furniture. The handles above left were made in Walnut, cut to shape and then carved. This could have been made in many woods if you are interested. The handles above right were made at the same time and instead of being carved had the same design made in marquetry. This is visually more striking, and almost more modern looking. Neither handles are cheap to make, but would really add something special to a piece of furniture. You could also have the carved handles version finished in gold or silver leaf (as shown below).

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Art Deco pair of carved furniture handles with silver leaf finish Art Deco pair of carved furniture handles being made in marquetry
Several wood veneers ready to be made into a pair of Art Deco carved furniture handles new Art Deco 2 door sideboard cabinet with a pair of veneered marquetry furniture door handles

Top left, shows the handles with a silver leaf finish. Top right shows the group of veneers used to build up the design, a slow process requiring a high level of craft skill. The bottom photo shows the work in progress, each little piece is cut to fit and glued into the design piece by piece. Generally we will only supply handles like these as part of furniture we supply.

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