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Art Deco design for a fitted kitchen
Art Deco plan design for a fitted kitchen

These particular clients liked the 'sunburst' or 'rising sun' motif (often seen in red & yellow as the photographs below), & wanted to incorporate it into the kitchen. I would have preferred it in a new stained glass window, where it would have been more subtle. Or even more effective & dramatic in new doors as shown below. These doors alone would give a room the Art Deco look, even with a neutral kitchen.

Art Deco design for a fitted kitchen Art Deco design for a fitted kitchen

We produced some initial sketches and narrowed the look down to the one above. The main kitchen units were to have a stepped look, with a red & yellow splashback rising sun 'rays'. Even the cooking area worktop height was to be lowered (a) for the stepped look (b) because it's actually quite practical to have lower cooking heights. The cooking area was also pulled forward with curved units either side. A dramatic sweeping curved breakfast bar would have completed the look.

Art Deco 'Rising sun' design for a stained glass window Art Deco 'Rising sun' design for a stained glass window

Art Deco kitchen extractor in stainless steel I did a few alternative colour visuals for them, often helps to focus minds. The scheme would have had them replace all the room skirting boards & architraves with new Art Deco profiles. A new room door (with possible veneers or stained glass) was planned. The plan was to use the extractor shown here, to give it a bit of 'Gotham City' to the design.

This client decided not to go ahead at the time, even though they paid a deposit for the drawings. A couple of years later I saw the portfolio of a designer working for one of the Sheds (Magnet maybe) who had actually tried to produce the kitchen in my designs. It looked cheap, horrible & very un-Art Deco that's for sure. It proves the saying 'you get what you pay for'.

Art Deco design for a fitted kitchen Art Deco design for a fitted kitchen

This example has taken the 'Stepped' look about as far as it can go. Everything is stepped, in height, width & depth. But quite striking. There's a definate nod to Paul Frankl with the stepped outline emphasised here. Ideally, you shouldn't have an island in front of this, have it as a stand-alone piece, to fully appreciate the shapes. The LH photo shows this in the classic Birds Eye Maple. The RH photo was photoshopped to show a more vivid colour scheme.

You can play with designs like this forever. The furniture could have been lacquered, 'speed' lines added, more prominent handles, different materials, etc etc.

Art Deco streamlined galley fitted kitchen in white lacquer

This is an interesting 'Streamlined' galley kitchen. The appartment was remodelled & a long narrow space left for a kitchen. There was an Art Deco flavour going on with the re-modelling, so the kitchen was included in this.

The rectangular room is softened by the curves of the kitchen, and elongated by the streamline look (it has that ocean liner look going for it). While the upper shelves don't give great storage for other than small things, they are important in adding to the overall look. The worktop had a chromed trim edge, which looked more authentic. It's actually a very straight forward kitchen design, & quite cost effective to produce this look. The whole thing was lacquered white to brighten the space.

Art Deco fitted kitchen

Is this a 1930's Art deco kitchen or a 1950's diner style kitchen? The style was strong & lasted a long time; when did one period end & the next one start ? Well, they just blurred into each other. This really is an Art Deco kitchen, with both the 'streamlined' look of the base units, stepped shapes of the wall units, colours & materials. The metal Critall windows & a couple of in style stools really add to the look of the room.

The green band around the base units ( & bottom of the wall units), with chrome trim above & below, give it the streamlined look, you're eye follows this round the whole kitchen. This is a much trickier kitchen to produce, than say the white galley kitchen above, and more expensive. They do give you an idea of what can be done within a style.

Art Deco fitted kitchen Art Deco fitted kitchen Art Deco fitted kitchen

This kitchen highlights some interesting points about designing a new Art Deco Kitchen. When you look at the kitchen as a whole it has a good Deco feel to it. If you examine why you will see that the great double doors, the dramatic B/W floor tiles, the built in corner dining booth & the light fitting are what gives the room the Deco Look. The kitchen units are quite plain & not really noticed because your eye is drawn to the bolder elements of the interior.

Art Deco curved fitted kitchen island in white lacquer

This white island would suit a Deco style kitchen quite easily, due to the curved worktop. Corian is a superb material for worktops, & can be thermoformed to curves. This would look great in a kitchen with curved units. as well. The sleek surfaces also add to the Deco look; the sink is formed as a seamless piece with the worktop, & the induction hob is flat & almost un-noticeable. The handleless units add to the Streamlined look.

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