Art Nouveau; Wardrobes (1)

new Jugendstil Art Nouveau Oak double wardrobe with Art Nouveau stained glass panels

This is a really striking oak double wardrobe; while the shape is straight forward the 2 Art Nouveau stained glass panels eally give it a great decorative presence. There are many variations of stained glass panels we could do, but this gives you the idea. The interior of the robe can be fitted with a light(s), either on mains electric or battery operated, so you can fully appreciate the stained glass designs in the evening. You could have this as a freestanding or built-in robe, with 2, 3 or 4 door versions. Or the robe could have a painted finish. The interior can be fitted out as you like. Made to order. We don't give sizes until we've agreed a spec. with you.

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