Art Nouveau; Oak dining table

new Art Nouveau oak wooden dining table furniture with turned legs
Large Oak dining table

A new oak dining tables & coffee table. The client had acquired a lovely set of 6 original antique dining chairs, but no table! So, the brief was to design a new large dining table to look like it was part of the original dining set.

Set of antique original chairs;
antique Art Nouveau oak wooden dining chairs antique Art Nouveau oak wooden dining chairs

Chair details;
antique Art Nouveau oak wooden dining chair seat rail antique Art Nouveau oak wooden dining chair back

There are lots of things to consider when designing a table. As this table had to match in with the existing chair set the wood had to be the same, and ideally get as close to the original colour & finish as possible. Then pick up some of the detailing in the chairs, such as the curved seat rails, turned bun foot legs, a cut-out details from the top rails. Decide on the table size, for which the plan is useful to show the space available for each crash test dummy (!). Make sure the carver chair arms can slide under the table top, as shown in the elevation below. Often 2-3 design versions are produced; The front elevation below shows the long rail with 2 curves, 1 in front of each sitter. In the end we went for just 1 longer curve here.

new Art Nouveau oak wooden dining table front elevation design new Art Nouveau oak wooden dining table plan

Coming together;
The 2 tables rails are machined up The table legs & rails are glued up square
The large top is glued & clamped up The two table are finished but still in the white

There is something magical seeing a pile of wooden boards transform into something beautiful. The above photos demonstrate that perfectly. Every stage is precisely worked and joined/clamped up. Wood engineering takes time & skill, which is why bespoke pieces are always expensive to produce.

Near the end;
The 2 tables are finished, in the white Colour samples are produced

The dining table is tried out with some chair frames, this allows you to appreciate the overall look. It is very helpful for customers not used to seeing bespoke furniture, as they can start to visualise it in their home. Colour samples are produced to get the final colour as close as possible to the finished chairs.

Finished tables;
The finished table beside one of the dining chairs Breadboard ends on the table top
The finished table base

The finished table in all it's glory. The biggest compliment you can pay to a new dining table like this is it's looks part of the original chair set. The table had breadboard ends, which is a nice touch. The table base photo clearly shows the matching design details with the chairs.

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