William Morris ~ 'Vine' mirrors (3)

new William Wm Morris 'Vine' decorative painted large mirror frame

This large elegant decorative mirror frame is stunningly hand painted with a Morris 'Vine' border. The design originated with Morris's Kelmscott Chaucer, which we used for some smaller frames (see mirror section). The frame is shown in a typical Morris dark blue base colour, but could be a base colour of your choice. We show a smaller one below in an off-white base colour. It can be made portrait or landscape.

new William Wm Morris painted picture mirror frames with kelmscott border in 3 colourways, plus a Roycrofters mirror frame new William Wm Morris 'Kelmscott' decorative painted mirror or picture frame new William Wm Morris plaster plaque from a stone carving at Kelmscott Manor, designed by Philip Webb

This design was almost Morris's last, and was used for the cover of his masterpiece The Kelmscott Chaucer, c 1895. We used the design to make a beautiful painted frame border. These smaller mirror or picture frames are available in several colour ways, & can be made as larger mirror frames (see example below). The top LH photo shows 3 different versions of the Morris mirrors, plus the 4th larger one is a Roycrofters mirror frame, the design of which was heavily influenced by Morris.

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