William Morris ~ mirrors (4)

new William Wm Morris plaster plaque from a stone carving at Kelmscott Manor, designed by Philip Webb new Wm Morris & Ford Madox-Brown Arts & Crafts Gothic Revival painted dressing table mirror frame

Above left; this decorative round mirror was an attempt to try something different with Morris's style. The green painted base colour matches that of the 'Artisan' bedroom furniture. This has a more Gothic feel to it, due to the diaper / lozenge patterns around the frame, that match the style of early Morris & Co. painted furniture panels. Made to order.

Above right; a small painted dressing table mirror, based on a design by Ford Madox-Brown, to go with the 'Artisan' bedroom suite. Madox-Brown designed many early Morris & Co. pieces of furniture, all with a heavy Reformed Gothic feel to them, especially with the use of chamfering, as seen on this mirror. Made to order.

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