William Morris ~ Painted chair

Dante Gabriel Rosetti & William Wm Morris & Co Arts & Crafts Movement Gothic Revival style painted chair

This stunning chair is from the early Gothic period of Morris, c1857-8. It dates from their earliest days at Red Lion Square; there is even a cartoon of the chair being worked on, below, by Burne Jones. The chair was believed to have been designed by Morris, itself something of a rarity designing furniture, & painted by Rosetti. There were actually a pair of such chairs produced. The framing beneath the seat is a bit fussy but interesting. What makes the piece are the painted back, in typical early period Morris style, & the hockey stick details above the back (remove these & this becomes a much less interesting piece). We could reproduce this chair as is, or do any kind of adaption you like to it, as made to order.

Edward Burne-Jones cartoon working on the chair

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