Roger Fry Wardrobe

Roger Fry Omega Workshops painted bedroom 4 door wardrobe with painted provencal scene

This is a showstopper wardrobe design, inspired by a 4 panel painted screen by Roger Fry c.1913. We took the idea 1 step further; 4 panels can be used for a screen or panels/doors on a wardrobe - the doors are just a very large canvas. The original painting, of a Provencal valley, was done on one of Fry's painting trips. A huge piece of art like this benefits from space around it to fully appreciate the work & scale. It conforms to Morris's tenet to have something useful & beautiful at the same time, Fry would surely have approved. The real attraction about this design are the dramatic shapes & wonderful colours of the painting.

The robe is suited to a 4 door version, to keep the original proportions. The exterior carcase can be a wood or painted finish, and can be flat to the floor as here or on a plinth or feet. The interiors can be fitted out as you want, as they're made to order. Such pieces are very expensive to make; imagine ordering a new 4 door wardrobe & commissioning a seperate painting approx 2M x 2.4M ! A huge number of hours goes into painting this wardrobe. To commission this the old cliche holds true, if you have to ask you can't afford it!

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