Jan Wils chair

Jan Wils De Stijl painted chair design Theo Van Doesburg De Stijl design

This is a chair by the De Stijl designer jan Wils, c. 1918; chair design for Café-Restaurant De Dubbele Sleutel. Woerden, 1918. Possibly in collaboration with Theo van Doesburg (colour). The design is interesting for several reasons. The interesting shape, with blocks of colour in keeping with de Stijl. The colours themselves are unusual, even if Van Doesburg was involved. Green is a colour that just doesn't appear in De Stijl work. The complimentary orange is rare as well. In fact the only De Stijl design I can find that includes these 2 colours is a design by Van Doesburg from the same period. Also, the colouring of this chair design predates Rietveld's painted Red Blue chair by 2 -3 years. Designs like this, indeed many of the De Stijl furniture designs, are best thought of as sculptural 3D artworks. They add a wow factor to an interior. We could make this chair to order.

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