Rietveld / De Stijl ~ Clothes Horse

Gerrit Rietveld De Stijl painted clothes horse

This piece is part of the bedroom suite. Rietveld was ever the practical designer, a legacy of his training as a cabinet maker, and would have produced something like this had it been required ( which would have been very unlikely - but shows what you can make in this style ). It is light grey with black ends to the rails, a typical Rietveld touch, and shows the famous 'Rietveld joint' clearly.

With all of these Rietveld pieces we have tried to show a selection of the colour combinations he would have used. We can paint any piece any colourway you prefer. Made to order POA. Size ht 84 x W 73.4 x D 28.4 cm.

The Gerrit Rietveld Joint for the red blue chair de stijl furniture
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