Rietveld De Stijl ~ sideboard

Gerrit Rietveld De Stijl black painted sideboard cabinet

A complicated yet striking piece of furniture, almost skeletal in construction. You can trace the influence of previous designers in such a piece, from Mackintosh to Godwin, and even to Pugin. Thi sis a complicated piece to mark out and put together, as it relies on visual accuracy for impact. Maybe there is a bit too much going on with piece, one of these days we'll do a revised design fot it, probably removing the side drawers and bottom shelf, and possibly the top frame.

But until then we can design and supply the sideboard as shown. Size L 200 x W 55 x ht 155 cm. Painted black as many originals, but there is no reason it could not be painted in other De Stijl colours. As this is made to order then it can be made to whatever size & finish you want. Price on application.

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