2. Rietveld De Stijl ~ Tables

Gerrit Rietveld De Stijl mondrian painted End table Gerrit Rietveld De Stijl mondrian painted Berlin chair and End table

Shown with the 'Berlin' chair is the equally well known 'End Table'. Again clever use of coloured planes to produce such a striking abstract design. The different shaped pieces interlocked at angles to each other really suggest an abstract / Cubist painting made 3D. Suitable for a lamp or bedside table. Made to order. Furniture = Sculpture = Art.

Gerrit Rietveld De Stijl End table

The influence of Rietveld & De Stijl on later designers just continues unabated. These tables are a modern take on Rietveld's side table. The crispness of the original design is still there even in a totally different material.

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