3. Rietveld De Stijl ~ Tables

New De Stijl pieces;
Piet Mondrian painted PC table desk furniture
This is really just a simple box shape, to provide a falt surface for the Mondrian style painted designs. This one has an open back, for knees, and a pull-out keyboard shelf. This idea can be adapted to any size & shape permutation.
Coffee tables;
De Stijl style painted table De Stijl style painted coffee table

This is a modern continuation of the De Stijl and Rietveld design ideas. This simple table's cut-outs echo the suggestions of space so typical of De Stijl, as do the colours.

Suitable as a coffee table or lamp / bedside table (see below ). Each side is the same as the others. Made to order.

piet Mondrian De Stijl style painted table

Taller version of the lamp table, made to order. Size 40cm square x 61cm ht. Could also be fitted with a mid shelf, accessible through the cut-outs.

Piet Mondrian De Stijl style painted coffee lamp side table

Another table using De Stijl elements to create a striking, simple table. The painted decoration ideas are taken from Mondrian. Made to order. Ht 61cm with a 60cm square or round top painted in a single colour, or maybe a Mondrian style design on top ?. We can paint this in any combination of the De Stijl colours.

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