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Theo Van Doesburg was somewhat eclipsed after the De Stijl period by the growing reputations of Mondrian & Rietveld. This was unfair because Van Doesburg was undoubtedly the driving force behind the movement. Although thought of more as an artist & theorist, Van Doesburg involved himself with most areas of design with skill. Little known is that he also designed some interiors & furniture, such as the following chairs. They have a similar look to some Rietveld furniture, albeit more pared down. Painted finishes were the norm rather than wood. We can make these chairs to order, in any format or finish you like.

Theo van Doesburg De Stijl painted chair Theo van Doesburg De Stijl painted chair

The chair on the left above is the original Van Doesburg chair. This design was adapted for the modern version on the right, which incorporated the 'Rietveld joint' throughout; a mix of both. While this version looks more crisp the original, the Van Doesburg colouring is more interesting from a de Stijl point of view. These chairs, like Rietvelds', are feature pieces in a room.

Theo van Doesburg De Stijl painted chair Arts & Crafts oak chair influence on Van Doesburg chair

The chair above left is another Van Doesburg chair. Very simple in design & construction, enlivened with the use of colour. It has the same side panels above the seat as the chair above. The chair on the right is an English Arts & Crafts chair we made, style c. 1900-05. The influence on van Doesburg chair is obvious; at this time English Arts & Crafts style had been widely published & was very influential in Europe & USA. Van Doesburg took a chair design he liked & simplified & 'De-Stijled' it.

Theo van Doesburg De Stijl painted chair

The last Van Doesburg chair is probably the simplest of the 3. The interest coming from the colouring, black, white & red as the 2nd chair above.

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