Gothic plaster ornaments

We can supply various small Gothic applied ornamental pieces; contact us with your requirement or for a price. We don't generally sell these individually, as it's not worth the trouble. We will supply them as part of a larger job or scheme.

Gothic Tudor rose ornament moulding Medieval Gothic corbel head ornament mouldings Medieval Gothic corbel head ornament mouldings

Tudor rose ornament 20cm diameter. Medieval head corbels, style on seen on drip mouldings on churches & houses. Size ht 9 x w 11.5 cm.

Gothic plaster shield ornament moulding Gothic plaster shield ornament mouldings

Above left; Gothic shield w13 x ht 14.5 cm. Above right; Gothic shield w24 x ht 29cm.

Gothic Tudor rose ornament moulding Gothic Fleur de Lys ornaments mouldings

Top left; Tudor Rose Ornament. A Tudor Gothic rose plaster ornament, which could be applied to any surface and finished any way you want. Dia. 178 mm. Ref. L&R - DC22

Top right; Fleur De Lys Ornaments. Two variants of the definitive Gothic design. They can be applied anywhere and finished anyway, to add great decorative touches. Ht 165 mm x
A)  Ref DC.07    x 140mm wide (LH)
B)  Ref DC.06    x 153mm wide (RH)

Gothic Heraldic Shield ornaments mouldings Gothic plaster frieze moulding

Top left; Gothic Heraldic Shield Ornaments. Two variant designs of an heraldic shield with either a Fleur de Lys or Tudor rose design on the front. Both same size - ht 95mm x wth 90mm.
Tudor....(A)  Ref DC.09
Fleur.....(B)  Ref DC.10

Top Right; Gothic Frieze panel. An ornate Gothic panel moulding, suitable for a dado, picture rail, door architrave or ceiling panels. Size 94 x 204 x 20 mm. Ref CHRI.

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