Gothic Wallcupboards

William Burges painted Gothic painted stencilled wall cupboard furniture William Burges painted Gothic painted stencilled wall cupboard furniture

This is a stunning painted large Gothic large wallcupboard ( in typical Wm Burges style ). Richly painted and gilded with a gabled roof and 'saints' in arcades. At the time his contemporary Eastlake criticised Burges for his 'doll's house tricks' used on his furniture, but who has time remembered better ? (neither of them ? don't be cynical !). Shown as an example of our work in this style. This is practical as well as decorative, as it was used to disguise an electric meter. Size ht 35" x w22" x d10". Made to order.

William Morris painted Gothic cupboard

This lovely Morris style cupboard could be used as a wall or bedside cupboard.The aim was to capture the flavour of early Morris & Co. gothic work. The door panel uses a Phillip Webb stained glass window design, with a typical Morris foliate border design. All topped with a castellated cornice ( this could be omitted if a flat top is prefered).

The main colour is a Morris dark blue. The door panel could be supplied with mirrored glass. Size 28" x 18" x 8.5". Made to order. Go to the Arts & Crafts section to see our full range of Morris furniture.

Medieval Gothic wall cupboard Decorative Gothic wall cupboard

Seperated by nearly 1,000 years, yet visually they sit happily side by side. The cupboard on the left is a British Medieval original, architectural in shape with saints on the front. The cupboard on the right is relatively recent also with saints on the front. Pieces like these can be made to order.

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