Aborigine style bedrooms

new Aborigine style painted bed & double wardrobe with abstract 'dot' painted panels

This is a stunning example of a designer let loose with a themed bedroom. The result is a striking stylish contemporary bedroom with an strong Aborigine theme. The aim was to design a clean lined bedroom with a very natural feel and strong Aborigine elements for a fan of all things Australian.

The dark painted furniture acts as a frame for the stylish Aborigine designs. The warm earthy reds & ochres are evocative of the outback on a hot day. The headboard incoporates a lizard & snake designs, on a 'cracked earth' background. The bedstead itself is a straight forward design, with slatted base. As made to order we can make it to whatever size you want.

The wardrobe doors act as frames around artwork. We've shown a couple of designs; above is a rich abstract 'dot' painted design in rich earthy colours. Below is shown a double helix serpent design. The matching wardrobe is shown as a 2 door double, but it could be 3 or 4 door either. As well as being a freestanding robe it could be built-in as well. The interior can be fitted out as you want. Made to order.

new Aborigine style painted bed & double wardrobe with double helix serpent design door panels

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