Book stand

Art deco wooden book stand, Sante Fe style

Q. So where did the design language for Art Deco come from ?
A. Many sources. But decorative elements from South America were strong. Probsbly filtered through Frank Lloyd Wright and his interest in and use of Mayan styling in some of his California homes.
This is a copy of an C18th New Mexican Sante Fe style book or bible stand, we made a few years ago. It looks both basic & rustic in style, mainly due to the pine wood used and primitive nailing.

However, look again at it. If this had been made in burr maple or maybe a white lacquered finish, this would look uncannily like a crisp Art Deco design. The elements are all there. The sharp zigzag shape, rounded cut-out of the base, and most of all the squares cut-out design in the centre. Made to order.

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