Art Deco; Corner bookcase

new Art Deco painted corner bookcase new Art Deco painted corner bookcase with painted Cubist design door panel

This is another new Art Deco small corner bookcase / display unit. The design is quite simple and relies on the clear Deco shape for it's effect. The shelves can be used for displaying books or decorative objects. There is a small corner cupboard with a door, and a drawer above; both have a simple handle as shown. We could add a further decorative design to the door if you really want to jazz it up. The corner cupboard could be elongated to create more of a pronounced stepped effect, adding more drama, as shown below.

The unit is painted / lacquered in a single colour, but this could be made in any wood or painted colour finish. The open shelves could have doors, or the back panels could be another colour or wood, or even open (so you see the wall colour behind). If you are interested in ordering one of these please consider if the room has skirting board or not. If it doesn't that's fine as the unit will sit back flush with the wall (so long as the corner is square). Otherwise the unit either sits off the wall by the skirting board thickness, or we scribe the back around the skirting (base)boards. We make these to order, and don't give out sizes until we've agreed the specification with a customer. Copyright Charlieroe 2016.

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new Art Deco painted corner bookcase with painted Cubist design door panel new Art Deco wood corner bookcase

As designer makers we can produce any style of Deco bookcases you want, in any size, any material / finish, any internal fit-out, etc.. We can do individual freestanding bookcases, as shown above to runs, L shapes & built-in bookcases; just ask. Every one is bespoke made to order, so you can tailor to your exact needs. We can work with clients anywhere in the world no problem.

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