Art Deco - Marquetry Cabinet

New Art Deco marquetry veneered 2 door sideboard cabinet cupboard with abstract design doors

This eye catching refined cabinet uses marquetry design in a novel way, blowing the scale up to full size on the doors, in an almost Pop Art way. The doors can be on push catches, as these are for a cleaner look, or we can fit handles of your choice. The interior is usually fitted with 2 shelves, but could be fitted out differently if you prefer.

The designs are made using wood veneers, and marquetry techniques, which requires a high degree of craft skill. We could use make these using a wide range of wood veneers. We could also change the carcase colour, as made to order. You can play around with the design of such pieces endlessly, from proportions to plinth colour. We could also make this as a sideboard, with either 3 or 4 doors. You can even change the worktop, to stone, granite, Corian, wood, glass, etc. As made to order we don't give out sizes until we've agreed a spec with a customer.

New Art Deco marquetry veneered 3 door sideboard cabinet cupboard with abstract design doors

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