Paul Frankl - Bathroom vanity units
new Paul Frankl Skyscraper Art Deco bathroom white painted vanity unit

This vanity unit is based on an original Frankl cabinet, which we adapted. It has the typical Frankl Skyscraper styling & proportions typical of his best work. A nice Frankl touch shown here is the use of keyline colours, giving a very graphic effect. The original Frankl cabinet was the black version, with silver frame keylines. It seemed the obvious thing to do a white version with black keylines. We've shown 1 black vanity with a matching stepped upstand, should you want it. We have shown this with a semi-recessed basin, to make using the basin easier (as the plinth doesn't allow you to get closer to the basin). Of course, the plinth could be cut away to allow your feet under the unit, so it's easier to use the basin. Fitted with 1 internal shelf. The vanity is plumbed in as normal. We'll add some other pieces shortly to produce a complete bathroom. It could be made wider, or made as a double vanity unit. Or change the colour or have a wood finish. Made to order.

new Paul Frankl Skyscraper Art Deco bathroom black painted vanity unit with stepped upstand

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