Paul Frankl

Frankl is best known today, in Art Deco circles, for his Skyscraper bookcases. Beyond Deco fans he's hardly known. Yet he was a prolific designer covering the early Deco period through to 1950's styles. Whatever he touched was quality, well thought out, designed & produced. He was a designer's designer, & had a wide impact in his day. From a Deco point of view his most interesting period was the creative out-pouring of work between approx 1925 - 32 - the 'Skyscraper' years. Google it if you want a full biography.

Suffice to say in this period he developed his own individual style, influenced by the Skyscrapers around him in New York. The work from this period is generally fantastic in form & finish, real eye catching pieces. And, although like most of the Deco era designers, he moved on in his designs, this is what he best remembered for. You'll pay a fortune today if you could even find one of these pieces, as they're mainly in museums & private collections.

Skyscraper bookcases;
Paul Frankl style Art Deco Skyscraper stepped bookcases pair Art Deco Paul Frankl style Skyscraper stepped bookcase

I've been a fan of Frankl's work for over 25 years, and have quite a huge amount of reference material to draw on. Going forward we will reproduce pieces in the Frankl style, whether replicas or work influenced by him. This section will grow quite quickly as we add new pieces one by one. If you are a fan & would like to commision a piece please contact us. We can design totally new work in Frankl's style as well.

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