CFA Voysey; 'Bird' Trivet

CFA Voysey Arts and Crafts Movement steel 'Bird' air vent trivet on oak backing CFA Voysey Arts and Crafts Movement copper 'Bird' air vent trivet

Using one of our CFA Voysey 'Bird' air vents we have produced this lovely trivet. Voysey was adept at re-using his own designs for multiple purposes, so we just followed the same train of thought & used it for a trivet. Or you could just use it as a decorative piece in the home.

We have shown the Bird vent in a steel finish here above left, but it would usually be painted black for contrast & protection. Mounted onto a backing of English oak - it is screwed to the oak with round head screws. Approx. size 18cm x 27cm for Bird vent plus oak backing. Made to order, usually a couple of weeks.

Above right is another way to use the trivet. This one is shown in a bright copper finish, although this can be antiqued - see the Bird air vent page for examples of this. Below is shown another version in a black finish. The feet, in metal or wood, are screwed to the trivet (screw heads not shown in photo).

CFA Voysey Arts and Crafts Movement 'Bird' air vent trivet in black

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