CFA Voysey; Brass Pentray

C F A Voysey Arts & Crafts Movement brass pentray metal work

A lovely piece of Arts & Crafts metalwork. Another elegant and practical piece, to keep on the desk top and put to daily use (which recalls the words of Morris..."nothing can be a work of art that is not useful"). Finished in polished Brass, with a 'brushed' finish on the inside, and hand finished scrolls at the ends. As with many things, the simple finish is deceptive, and it is quite a labour intensive piece to make.

It was originally made c. 1901 - 3, by H.J. Masse, a fellow member with Voysey of the Art Workers Guild. The original cost was 10s. It was probably designed for Voysey's own house a year or two earlier. It probably formed part of a desktop set, which included inkwells, letter opener, etc..

NB - Voysey was very adept at using designs for several different things. Ie the curved profile with the cut-out heart on the pentray matches the bed ends, chair backs, etc.. Length approx. 10"(25cm). Please check if in stock & for price.

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