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new Bloomsbury Group style painted bathroom vanity unit & bath panels & wall mirror furniture inspired by Charleston designs

This stunning bathroom suite was inspired by a painted piece of furniture at Charleston farmhouse. The border design is a typical Bloomsbury style 'squiggle' repeat pattern in yellow. The central panels are a nice Abstract design. The wall mirror uses the same border pattern; this could be made as a wall mirror cabinet if you need more storage. The bathroom is shown with a wooden floor; many of the Charleston rooms, including bathrooms, have wooden floors. This definately adds to the Bloomsbury style look. Painted floorboards would also work well with this style.

We try to show the furniture as cut outs against a white background, as shown below, so you can see the designs to best effect. In reality, when you add wall colour, flooring, tiles, blinds, etc. the furniture would be toned down & you would have a new Omega Bloomsbury style bathroom. The vanity unit can be made to any size you want, even a double. You can have a range of worktops, from wood, painted, granite, marble, Corian, etc. etc.. For basins you can choose between an undermounted sink, sit-on bowl, inset sink, etc.. The vanity unit has a shelf & a removable back panel for access for pipework. We don't give out sizes until we've agreed a specification with a client, as made to order.

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new Omega Workshops painted bathroom vanity unit & bath panels furniture inspired by Mdme Vandervelde furniture & wall mirror inspired by Charleston design

Rather than doing as Omega & Bloomsbury did, in buying up junk furniture & decorating it, we design & produce pieces from new with the designs planned from the start to create unified pieces. The bathroom pieces above are shown in a clean new painted finish, but we can antique & generally batter these pieces to give them an older look if you prefer. This bathroom suite manages to do something they never did (& possibly never wanted to do either) & that was to produce a co-ordinated range of furnishings. They were artists generally producing 1 off pieces. The above bathroom shows how you can take & adapt their ideas & designs to produce new work. The result is very striking to say the least, but looks crisp & contemporary as well. These are the pieces that establish the look & feel of the bathroom, not the shower, WC, towel rail, etc. The WC seat could be painted the same colour scheme as well. Made to order.

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