Commission Omega & Bloomsbury style bathrooms

new Bloomsbury Group style painted bathroom vanity unit & bath panels & wall mirror furniture inspired by Charleston designs

So, you're a fan of the Bloomsbury style, love Charleston, looking for ideas for a new bathroom & probably stumbled across our website in that search. You realise you've found something unusual here. This Omega Bloomsbury bathroom section is packed full of ideas for decorative bathrooms in the Bloomsbury style. We'll add more as we do them. Hopefully we've fired your imagination enough to consider a new bathroom in this style. So how do you proceed?

A quick intro to Bloomsbury style bathrooms is in order. We try to show the furniture as cut outs against a white background, so you can see the designs to best effect (we design & produce artistic furniture, not tiles, shower screens, baths, etc). In reality, when you add wall colour, flooring, tiles, blinds, etc. the colourful furniture would be toned down abit & you would have a new Omega Bloomsbury style bathroom. While the Omega didn't do any bathrooms as such (bathrooms were still a new fangled invention c.1913) there are examples at Charleston farmhouse later on, by some of the same artists. But really we take their approach to painted furniture & their existing work as the inspiration for new work.

Rather than doing as Omega & Bloomsbury did, in buying up junk furniture & decorating it, we design & produce pieces from new with the designs planned from the start to create unified pieces. The furniture shapes are often quite simple & plain, being merely large solid canvases to paint designs onto. These bathroom pieces manage to do something they never did (& possibly never wanted to do either) & that was to produce a co-ordinated range of furnishings. They were artists generally producing 1 off pieces. These pieces of painted furniture establish the style of the bathroom, not the shower, WC, towel rail, etc. We don't give out sizes until we've agreed a specification & quote with a client, as made to order.

A word of advice to those who might want to copy some of our work (as happens all too often). A lot of work, effort, time & experience has gone into these designs, to let someone else benefit from them. These bathrooms were all inspired by the work of the Omega & Bloomsbury artists, and strive to be authentic to their designs, style & colouring. But these are NEW designs, & therefore they are covered by copyright automatically. Also, even when we design a new bathroom for you & you've paid for it, the design copyright for the bathroom remains ours. The images & designs on our website may not be used without our written permission.

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Bloomsbury bathroom plan drawing 3D bathroom CAD drawing

When talking of a new artistic bathroom bringing budget up initially might seem more business focused than artistic focused. However, every kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture designer asks these questions before anything else. WHAT? WHEN? HOW MUCH? Everything we discuss from here on stems from those 3 questions.

When is obvious. What - what do you want to do with the bathroom? What work(s) are required, new plumbing/heating? Open up a wall, new windows, furniture required, bath and/or shower, sizes of bathroom pieces, etc etc etc. How much does a new bathroom cost? I haven't a clue, until I know an exact specification for the room. But you are asking the wrong question 'how much does a new bathroom cost'; the question is what is the budget you are prepared to pay for it.

How we can work with you. There are 2 ways. Being based in the south of the UK, I can travel to site survey your bathroom, for which there would be a charge. Or if you feel confident, or are further afield, you can send us the room plan with measurements, we can supply information on accurate measuring. Or if you have a plumber / bathroom installer ask them to do this. We can organise installation within reasonable travelling distance. Outside of this I can supply detailed drawings & specifications for your own installer, & liaise with them during installation. I would then run through a detailed discussion with you about the bathroom specification & requirements. From this a new bathroom plan can be drawn up & a quotation produced. There is a charge for this, & for any plan amendments.

While we specialise in the design & supply of the bathroom furniture, we can also supply as much or as little of the extra bathroom fittings as you want. If you want to source your own fittings that is fine, so long as these are agreed when the plan is being drawn. So take the first step to your new Bloomsbury bathroom and Contact Us.

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