Omega Workshops; bathroom (2)

'Adam & Eve' bathroom;
new Omega Workshops 'Adam & Eve' designs c.1913 by Vanessa Bell adapted to new bathroom furniture designs

This is a beautiful new bathroom suite inspired by a couple of early Omega Workshops' designs. While the Omega didn't do any bathrooms as such (bathrooms were still a new fangled invention c.1913) there are examples at Charleston farmhouse later on, by some of the same artists. The bath panel is based on Vanessa Bell's 'Adam & Eve' design c.1913. The bath end panel matches the vanity side panels, but could be painted with a design as well. The 2 door wall mirror unit completes the set, painted with a typical furniture border pattern & matching side panels.

The vanity unit is a particulary strong piece, based on another Vanessa Bell 'Adam & Eve' design, from c.1913 as well. So there is a strong visual unity between the vanity & bath panel designs, both in terms of colour, theme & brushwork style. The vanity unit can be made to any size you want, even a double. You can have a range of worktops, from wood, painted, granite, marble, Corian, etc etc. For basins you can choose between an undermounted sink, sit-on bowl, etc.. A wood fllor, whether painted or left in a wood finish, would echo the T&G side panels of the furniture. We don't give out sizes until we've agreed a specification with a client, as made to order.

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Vanity variations;;
Omega Workshops 'Adam & Eve' designs c.1913 by Vanessa Bell adapted to a new 3 door bathroom vanity units Omega Workshops 'Adam & Eve' designs c.1913 by Vanessa Bell adapted to a new 2 door bathroom vanity unit

Rather than doing as Omega & Bloomsbury did, in buying up junk furniture & decorating it, we design & produce pieces from new with the designs planned from the start to create unified pieces. The bathroom pieces above are shown in a clean new painted finish, but we can antique & generally batter these pieces to give them an older look if you prefer. Shown above left is a 3 door version of the vanity unit, above right is the same 2 door version with a plinth rather than on legs.

This bathroom suite manages to do something they never did (& possibly never wanted to do either) & that was to produce a co-ordinated range of furnishings. They were artists generally producing 1 off pieces. The above bathroom shows how you can take & adapt their ideas & designs to produce new work. The result is very striking to say the least, but looks crisp & contemporary as well. These are the pieces that establish the look & feel of the bathroom, not the shower, WC, towel rail, etc. The WC seat could be painted the same colour scheme as well. Made to order.

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