Omega Workshops; 'Giraffe' Lamp

New Omega Workshops style Painted & marquetry 'Giraffe' table Lamp

This table lamp is one of our own designs inspired by an Omega Workshops Marquetry cabinet c1915. The Giraffe design shows the increasing influence of Cubism on the then art world. The geometric shapes are emphasised with different wood veneer inlays. It was but 1 step to take the idea and use it for this lamp base. Marquetry using fine veneers requires great skill & time to produce, especially on smaller pieces like this lamp & hence is not cheap. You could have all 4 faces with the design, or just two with 2 plain wood veneers on the other faces. The painted stapped base & top further accentuate the pre-Deco flavour of the piece. Made to order.

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