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The 'Lilypond' coffee table
Duncan Grant's painted 'Lilypond' table for the Omega workshops bloomsbury group

The 'Lilypond' table was originally produced by the Omega Workshops c.1913. The lilypond design was one of the more sucessful ones, and was used for tables and screens. They were originally painted by Duncan Grant, who got the idea from the lilypond in Roger Fry's garden, at Durbins. The abstract and colourful design, on a black ground, really captures the artistic nature of it's subject (goldfish swimming among lilies with a rippled surface).

The table is hand painted, as the original, with a clear lacquer/varnish finish. You could also have a glass top on this, for extra protection. As made to order can be whatever size you like. We don't discuss prices until we have agreed a spec. with a customer.

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Duncan Grant's painted 'Lilypond' table for the Omega workshops bloomsbury group Omega Workshops, Bloomsbury Group, Roger Fry painted dressing table mirror & coffee table furniture

We can also supply the Lilypond design as a breakfast / dining table, as was done originally. We have shown one of these tables on another page in this section. Please enquire further as to what size you require for a quote. This design was also produced as a screen, which we could also produce. The RH photo above shows the 'Lilypond' coffee table, with the Omega Workshops dressing table mirror, to give them both some scale.

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