CR Mackintosh - Wall frieze stencil

Charles Rennie Mackintosh wall stencil frieze

A copy of a CR Mackintosh design for a wall stencil, used for a frieze around the top of a room. The organic motif picks out the colours and style of design used on the 'White' bedroom valance, lamp and wall sconce.

We can produce probably any Mackintosh style stencil you require, as specials, in several sizes. Please enquire further. This is a 3 part stencil ( 3 colours are pinky red, black & green ). We would supply them on stencil card pre-cut. Our existing stencil was approx ht 42cm/ 16 x w 376mm/ 14 . Price POA; but we would probably only make these as part of a complete Mackintosh scheme, rather than as one offs (which don't justify the work involved).

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